The Literary Platform article: The Digital Book (R)evolution

A short article by me in The Literary Platform, published today.

Based on research for PhD, which is about digital books, the intersection of “books” with digital forms, platforms and conventions (e.g. games, apps, social platforms, UGC)…

Any feedback / ideas very welcomed, especially regarding the two diagrams.


The Digital Book (R)evolution @clauzdifranco explores ideas of divergence and continuity in the evolution of the book.

Most discourses about the survival of print, or the struggle of print against digital, derive from a simplistic view of the book – one which is typically aligned with the novel, that apogee of the literary world. There is a tendency to present change and innovation in formats and technologies as if they follow a single, linear path in which a format is replaced by the next new format in a consecutive fashion. The reality experienced by publishing practitioners is very different: a single title will often exist in a range of formats, with publishers releasing print, ebook, enhanced ebook and story app versions all based on the same source material. I think it is more accurate, and fruitful, to  conceive of change and innovation in terms of branching paths, with older and newer formats co-existing and influencing each other….

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