Hi blog reader!

I’m Claudio, an Anthropologist and Digital Media academic who’s passionate about children’s media. I’m currently into transmedia production, digital media, games, audience involvement, creativity and fan participation.

This blog is focused on the ‘crossroads’ between books, digital media and transmedia experiences.

I take  the lead on games and transmedia research at Dubit (Leeds, dubitlimited.com), in a role that creates a bridge between our Research team and our Game/Digital/Transmedia Studio. A dad of two kids, I spend most of my time immersed in children’s books, films and games, or eating nice food with family and friends.


I love to complement my professional practice with academic research – or vice-versa?!. So after finishing an MA at the London Knowledge Lab (Institute of Education) looking at the transmedia adaptations of Muddle Earth from book, to BBC cartoon, to game, I’m now developing transmedia production models and research tools to improve production and involve young audiences in media creation processes – through a Professional Doctorate at the University of Bedfordshire.

Download my MA thesis from this other blog page, where you can also read the Abstract:

MA thesis: The Cross-Media Journey of Muddle Earth

At Bedfordshire I’m part of the team working in the UNESCO-sponsored project ‘Crossing Media Boundaries: New Media Forms of the Book’, which aims to develop analytical models to understand book adaptations and the role of books for other contemporary media industries, and create production frameworks that can be applied by creative teams to produce new media forms of the book. My focus is on exploring and developing digital and transmedia strategies by working with authors and publishers to understand their needs and challenges they need to face. An important part of the project will aim to explore new forms of co-production by multi-disciplinary teams of authors, publishers, digital producers and transmedia storytellers. The other important aim is the refinement of approaches for the involvement of  media audiences in co-creation and testing of new works.

This blog will be a sort of explorer’s journal for the three-year journey that is now starting for the UNESCO project and my Doctorate. I will be posting all sorts of things, from random thoughts about books and technology, transmedia and adaptation, to essays and papers, to links to interesting pieces of news about the fields covered: relations between the publishing world and digital media; games; adaptation; transmedia; cross-media; and anything else I find useful or interesting.

The blog is a bit of a repository of ideas, thoughts and materials – all and any feedback welcomed! Happy to share ideas, get in touch!



Have any comments? All welcome

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